Dotycat.come Top 9 Must Visit Places At Ranau, Sabah
Top 9 Must Visit Places At Ranau, Sabah
Top 9 Must Visit Places At Ranau, Sabah

Top 9 Must Visit Places At Ranau, Sabah

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Do not leave Ranau, Sabah, without visiting this places!

  • Tagal Luanti

Tagal' Luanti is a river that popular for tourist because of the fish spa here. Unlike from other fishes that afraid with humans, these fishes are quite familiar with the human beings. Once you enters your feet inside the pond, the fishes will start massaging your feet.

  • Mesilau Nature Park

Mesilau Nature Park is the second location to start climbing the Mount of Kinabalu. Other than that, this is the only closest tourist spot to the Mount of Kinabalu and its also acts as a shelter to the largest species of pitcher plants, namely Nepenthes Rajah. Visitors can have a walk in the surrounding areas while enjoying the magnificent view of Mount Kinabalu, the colder temperature than Kundasang town, as well as trees and plants that grows here.

  • Sabah Tea Garden

Sabah Tea Garden is the only organic tea plantations in Borneo and also of its kind in the world. The temperatures in Kundasang is really cold but, the temperature in the fields of organic tea is quite hot. Here visitors can gain knowledge and experience about the tea plantations. Among the activities that can be done here are including a visit to the organic tea plantations, see the  processing of tea and also buy a variety of products from these farms.

  •  Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park is an ideal starting point for climbers who wants to climb the Mount Kinabalu. At this location, climbers can made registration, book a mountain guide, or even staying at the hotel while enjoying the fresh air, cool temperatures and beautiful scenery of Mount Kinabalu. For visitors who don't wish to climb the mount, they can come here for a pictorial backdrop of Mount Kinabalu, relax and enjoy the cold temperatures, or visit the Botanical Garden that available here.

  • Poring Hot Spring

Poring Hot Springs is a tourist spot which is very popular among the local people in Sabah and also foreigner. The hot water was produced naturally from underground and contains sulphur that can freshen up your body.This location is also well known because of the nearby attractions such as Kipungit Waterfall, Butterfly Park, Canopy Bridge, and the Rafflesia flower.

  • DESA Cattle Dairy Farm

DESA Cattle Dairy Farm is a farm and milk processing factory for both cow and goat. Located approximately 8 km from Pekan Kundasang. This farm is opened to visitors to see the processing of milk and also to encourage them to buy products from these factories. The whole scenery and atmosphere is seemed to be in New Zealand, so this farm has been dubbed as "Little New Zealand in Sabah".

  • Kundasang dan Nabalu Town Market

Kundasang and Nabalu Town, where each have market sells variety of fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden. In addition, handicrafts and local traditional food are also sold in this market.

  • Kundasang War Memorial

Kundasang War Memorial is a small palace that houses the monument to commemorate the soldiers of Australia and the British were captured by the Japanese military during World War II. This location is famous for The Marching Death scene that has killed more than 2,000 Australian soldiers. Here, visitors can know well about the story of these events, and can take photo of the places.

  • Arnab Village

The strategic location of the Ranau and Kundasang roads, makes the "Rabbit village" located in the Ranau District of Sabah is increasingly recognized and visited by the local community. Even though it was fully operational in 2016, the rabbit's garden was getting a place in the heart of the local community.
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Top 9 Must Visit Places At Ranau, Sabah

Top 9 Must Visit Places At Ranau, Sabah

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